Repair shop

Special vehicles deserve a special service.

Puch Pinzgauer / G and Haflinger are undisputed icons in the world of all-wheel drive vehicles and make the heart of any offroad fan beat faster. If you are the owner of such a special car, the repair shop of S-TEC is the place to go whenever you need a repair. In addition to the special service of these offroad models, our comprehensive portfolio also covers all other car makes.

As the successor organization of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch customer service department, our company’s extensive services range from the sale of second-hand cars, servicing and repair to the general overhaul according to factory standard. S-TEC offers passionate owners of offroad vehicles an unrivalled service to improve the capability of their vehicles and extend the car’s service life. With our superior competence and long years of experience, we guarantee that your service request will be handled efficiently and in full compliance with all quality standards.

The S-TEC Service Team deals with every customer contract with the same enthusiasm and professionalism of the engineers of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch company when they developed Haflinger, Puch Pinzgauer or G many decades ago.

  • Service and repair for all vehicle makes
  • Paint shop and panel beating work
  • § Section 57a tests
  • Retrofitting and repair of Webasto additional heating (
  • Retrofitting and repair of Eberspächer additional heating (
  • Complete vehicle overhaul
  • Conversions and retrofitting of equipment for
    customer-specific applications
  • Overhaul of assemblies (engine, gearbox, axles,
    output shafts, etc.)
  • Specialized garage for Hutchinson rims and emergency operation systems


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