Automotive Electronics

Committed to quality. For S-TEC’s brand WEHRLE, this is not

just a phrase, it sums up the very essence of our corporate

philosophy. For more than 60 years, every WEHRLE product,

every process and every customer relationship has had to

pass the test of quality.

The renowned expert for electronics components and

systems, internationally established in the automotive industry,

is leveraging its experience to deliver comprehensive and

rapidly available state-of-the-art solutions in an environment

where stringent quality control is relentlessly enforced.


  • Relays (mini/micro/high power relay; 12 + 24V up to 300A)
  • Flasher units (12 + 24V, LED)
  • Glow plug control units
  • Timing relays (12 + 24V, multi-timer)
  • Electronic control units and trailer modules
  • Plug-in bases + accessories

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Automotive Electronics Catalogue

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