Hungarian Baja 2022

From the life of a passionate Trophy & Rally driver and loyal Puch customer...DI Christof Danner


Hungarian Baja 2022 

A report from a passionate Puch G and rally driver.

The Hungarian Baja - with a great mix of fast gravel roads, dirt roads, forest passages and jumps - has been an integral part of the Cross Country World Cup for years. In 2022 it was held as the European Championship.

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Herwig Rieger and Christof Danner are the only Austrian team to start again with the only vehicle homologated in Austria in the T1 (Dakar) class – with their “oldtimer” PUCH G320 5. 5 AMG!

The Hungarian Bajar lasts in 2022 from Friday to Sunday.

Some cars in Parc Ferme                                                                  Largest participation group Side-by-Side Vehicles 
Ein Teil der Autos im Parc Ferme         Side by Side vehicles

The rally started on Thursday with an administrative check and technical acceptance. The administrative and technical approval have been passed.
Technische Übernahme G320

Friday morning start with shakedown (comparable warm-up of Formula 1 Grand Prix), followed by show start and prologue. The prologue as the first stage and to determine the starting order takes place before the start of the show in the main square of Varpalota near the castle on a part of the big round.

On Saturday it starts early, a 173km stage has to be ridden twice, a definitely long stretch under extreme conditions (even if it is dry and grippy).

First stage
The first loop is for warming up after 3 inactive years – then stretches quite long towards the end! In the following 40 min service they replace a broken damper on the right rear!

Second stage

After a few granola bars, lots of water, magnesium and a can of 2B we continue.

The engine and transmission work perfectly again this year – this is really fun – despite the limiting rigid axles and the high centre of gravity..

Steinige Pisten

On Sunday there will be 2 special tests with about 70 km each; the podium crossing and the award ceremony will take place immediately afterwards.

A successful weekend, 7th place overall in the cars – one damper / tire defective – that’s quite in line with the load!




Offroad History Danner

​1997              participation Camel Trophy elimination
1998/99      Trophies in Hungary with Landrover 109
1999-2005 Trophies & rallies with PUCH 230GE
2003-2015 Desert Rallies (1 win Tunisia, 7 wins Morocco) PUCH G 320
2008            Registration Rally Dakar (unfortunately cancelled) - alternatively Transsyberia Rallye
2008-today regular participation in FIA Cross Country World Cup